Thursday, August 9, 2012

Went to Michaels this morning, picked up some threads and Aida for a new project.

Update on the Christmas Bow:

And the Christmas Stocking my Grandson chose for me to do this year, I try to do one every year.  They don't always get done the same year.  I have a few that I still need to stitch the name and make into a stocking.


  1. yummy new stash..
    and christmas bow is looking so cute..
    i love the stocking so much..
    happy stitching xx

  2. Ella ~ Love your pattern for your grandson. Your bow is coming right along and I love the colors.
    God Bless ~ My blog is come by and see it, but I have not posted in awhile. Must get back to doing that.
    God bless your stitching fingers ~

  3. Hello Ella,

    I really like the stocking your grandson has picked. You stitch one each year? WOW! I don't even get my four finished or started in the case of my eldest ;-)